Concept Summary

(See the General Competition Rules)
  • All racers race all rounds.  Points are awarded in each round.  Each round is paid.
  • All chassis types are permitted.  We tech cars for safety compliance.
  • All cars must use a belt driven supercharger, or injected nitro except in the All Stars.
  • All Stars must meet safety rules but may use any naturally aspirated engine or power adder. 
  • RMS has two Groups for competition.  Each Group has an E.T. Range – 7 seconds or 6 seconds. There are two Categories in each range.  
  • Pro Sportsman Group ( Range: 7 seconds ¼, 4.40 1/8).  Two Categories run together: Pro Supercharged and All Stars. All run in the third round. A combined final bonus, for two cars closest to the index, will run in the third round with sufficient entries. 
  • Top Eliminator Group (Range: 6.10 – 6.99 seconds ¼, 3.80 – 4.39 1/8).
    • Top Supercharged Thunder Category: Finalists will be the competitors closest to the 6.50 (4.00 1/8) index.  In the Final round, there is a  one tenth “cushion” to 6.40 (3.90 1/8) below which is a breakout.
    • All other Top Supercharged Thunder competitors will run a third round for round points and payouts.
    • Competition Products Funny Car Rampage: Finalists will be the two quickest funny cars in the Range. Funny cars not chosen for the Rampage final, bonus round will continue to compete in Top Supercharged Thunder.
  • Final round.  Since all competitors race in all three rounds, and we do not have “eliminations,” the Final is a bonus round for the competitors who qualify pursuant to the Rules.  Finalists will receive bonus points and payouts.  All competitors receive points and payouts for all three rounds, the Finalists get a bonus.
  • Season Championships are awarded in all four Categories.
  • Special awards can be found in the General Competition Rules.
  • The foregoing is a summary. The General Competition Rules should be consulted by each competitor.
  • During each event, the Competition Director will convene a mandatory Driver's Meeting.  Competitors with additional questions need only ask the Competition Director for any clarifications needed.