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Joining the Rocky Mountain Superchargers

Joining the Rocky Mountain Superchargers is easy. Membership is $200 per calendar year. Dues paid provide membership from the payment date through the end of December.

Members are encouraged to attend our Winter Warmup meetings, End of Season events, and all of our races. Points are awarded for race attendance even to competitors who don’t qualify at a particular race.

Members are encouraged to invite others to participate. Maintaining car count and variety ensures that we can continue to grow as we have in our, very successful, first few years. As we add members, we can initiate new Eliminators and add venues. Thus bolstered, our program means more to potential sponsors and marketing partners. Members have helped build this series for which we are grateful.


Members are encouraged to visit this site often to learn of new developments and keep track of scheduling and new opportunities as they occur. Members may participate in all events without payment of an entry fee. Entries must meet Rocky Mountain Superchargers rules for the eliminator chosen for participation.



Fans of the Rocky Mountain Superchargers may associate themselves with our group with a payment of $20 per year. We’ll supply a smart T shirt as well as invitations to our Winter Warmup and other membership events. You will also be welcome to enjoy hospitality with our racers in the racetrack pits.



There are two ways you can join Rocky Mountain Superchargers:


Send a check or money order to:

Rocky Mountain Superchargers

6365 South Oak Way

Littleton, Co 80127


or join at your first event with us.