What are the entry fees? 

Rocky Mountain Supercharger members never pay entry fees to participate in any of our events. Entry fees are required for guest racers in the Ultimate Outlaw Challenge.


How do I join?


Please see the Join tab on this website. 




What is the format for Rocky Mountain Supercharger races?


* Pro Supercharged / All Stars

All StarsWe use a modified Chicago style eliminator. Only Rocky Mountain Superchargers members may compete. Competitors must run a mandatory qualifying round. In the Pro Supercharged/ All Star Eliminator the 8 cars closest to a 7.50 elapsed time (over or under) move on to the Competition rounds. The break rule is in effect for the first round and, thus, non-qualifiers may move into the field if required. Non-qualifiers may choose to run the Ultimate Outlaw Challenge, when available, without payment of an entry fee. The 8 qualified cars run in each of our two Competition rounds. The two cars closest to 7.50 (over or under) run in the Final. A breakout rule is used in the Final unless, at the mutual request of both finalists, a “first to the stripe” option is chosen.The cars run on a .4 Pro Tree and leave the line together. There is no breakout rule in the Competition rounds as all qualified cars return for the second round.


* Funny Car Invitational or Top Supercharged Thunder

These are match race or round robin events added as a highlight to our Pro Supercharged/ All Stars headliners. There are no handicap starts. There is no index. We use a .4 Pro tree for starts. Cars must be supercharged (or use Nitromethane fuel) and capable of high 6 second elapsed times in the quarter mile. There is a season Championship with points awarded at each event. Points are awarded on the following basis: 50 points for each round win. 25 points for each round “loss.” Racers will participate by invitation. The Funny Car Invitational consists of funny cars only. Top Supercharged Thunder competitors may race any safe combination including altereds, Pro Mods, dragsters and funny cars.


* Ultimate Outlaw Challenge

The Challenge is a fast E.T. eliminator which will be run when track management may schedule it. Racers may use any legal, safe combination in this category. Handicaps are entered based on racer “dial-ins” from 9.99 and quicker. Entry fee is $125.00. A minimum of 8 cars must enter. Buybacks are available after the first round for $60.00. 




What is the payout?


Pro Supercharged / All Stars
The Rocky Mountain Superchargers pay $1,000 to win, $600 runner/up, and $200/round for each of the Competition rounds in the Pro Supercharged/All Star Eliminator. Post season monetary and equipment awards will be announced during the season.


Funny CAR Invitational or Top Supercharged Thunder.

These invitational events will pay $250/round. A bonus of $100 will be paid (once) to each competitor who runs a 6.80 e.t. in any round. Post season monetary and equipment awards will be announced during the season.


Ultimate Outlaw Challenge.
Winner receives $500 plus an additional $100 for each entry above the first 8. The Runner-up will receive $150 plus half of the buy-back money. The Semi-finalists will receive $75 each.




What are the rules?  


All cars must meet the requirements imposed by the host track which usually include meeting all of the safety requirements of the sanctioning body. Drivers must be properly licensed and all certifications must be up to date. Our Competition Director reserves the right to reject any competitor for rules violations.


In the Pro Supercharged/All Star Eliminator, the Funny Car Invitational, and the Top Supercharged Thunder cars must have a mechanically driven supercharger. Cars that are fueled by Nitromethane are permitted and may run without a supercharger.


Superchargers, nitromethane, nitrous oxide, or turbochargers are permitted in the Ultimate Outlaw Challenge.


Crossing the center line on any run will disqualify that run. If it occurs during a Final, it will result in a loss for that round.


No adjustable throttle stops. “Blast and die” racing is absolutely prohibited. No exceptions. If you use a throttle stop, take it off, fire a few rounds through it, dump it in a lake. Just don’t use it.