2021 Rules 






Founding Director | Ed Arcuri
Competition Director | Ron Burge
Chief Technical Advisor | Nate Johnson
Competition Liaison | Brent Wildenstein
Announcing Team Leader | Roger Kuyatt


  • All competitors in the Rocky Mountain Superchargers (RMS) series must be members in order to participate. 

  • All cars must pass the technical inspection required by the sanctioning body, if any, and the host track. Certified technical inspectors conduct the inspections.

  • Drivers must be licensed as required by the sanctioning body for the car in which they are competing.

  • Teams will pit together, as nearly as possible, and in the place provided when the host track designates spaces for our racers.  It is the team’s responsibility to inform the Competition Director of the team’s location in order to facilitate communication.

  • Attendance at drivers' meetings is required. 

  • All cars must have a number, visible on both sides of the car.  A simple number in contrasting color is best and courteous to the host track workers/ tower personnel.

  • Competition Products Funny Car Rampage, Top Supercharged Thunder and Pro Supercharged competitors must use a belt driven mechanical supercharger or nitromethane or both. 

  • All Stars. All power adders deemed safe may be used.

  • Adjustable throttle stops are NOT permitted.  No “blast and die” racing.

  •  Points will be awarded  to members by category per the points schedule below and will be posted on Facebook on the group page by the Competition Director.

  • We use a .4 Pro Tree and heads up starts.

  • All  Competition Rounds are ” first to the stripe.”  There is a Breakout Rule for finals only based on Category minimums as indicated below. 

  • When we are unable to run the final round, we will determine the winner and runner up in the course of the Competition Rounds at the next event.  Should we not be able to run the final round at the final event; the racer closest to the index  wins.  Second closest is runner up. In the Rampage, the quickest car wins and runner up is second quickest.

  • Racers will compete as paired by the Competition Director.  When Bye Runs are necessary, the Competition Director will announce the selection procedure at the drivers' meeting.  If a Bye Run is needed in both the 6 second and 7 second Groups, they may be paired to run each bye simultaneously.

  • Races will be conducted on a quarter mile track unless specified in advance or unless track conditions dictate otherwise for safety reasons.  (Indexes are modified as indicated for 1/8th mile competition). The decision of the Competition Director to limit the distance or cancel a round is final. 

  • All members run all three rounds Points and pay are awarded for all rounds.   In the third round, bonus points and payouts are awarded to entrants selected as Finalists in their respective category.  Categories are: Rampage, Top Supercharged, and Pro Supercharged/All Stars.

  • Racers must inform the Competition Director of their category before the first Competition Round.

  • Break Rule If a finalist is replaced using our break rule, the substituted competitor will receive the final round points and the broken competitor will receive points as indicated below.

  • Racers bring questions or concerns to the Competition Director.  He will amswer your questions or deal with the track, as necessary.


Do not take your questions to the tower or track staff.  Thanks.


  • Category Range: This Category is only for cars racing between 7.00 and 7.99 seconds   (quarter mile) 4.40 and 5.0 seconds (eighth mile).  All safe chassis types (dragster, funny car, altered, Top Sportsman, etc.) are encouraged to compete.

  • The Index is 7.10 seconds (quarter mile) and 4.50 seconds (eighth mile).

  • The two finalists will be the racers closest to the index (over or under).  A final, with bonus points and payout, will be run for Pro Supercharged / All Stars. In the All Stars category all power adders are permitted, subject to safety rules. Points will be recorded, separately, for the Pro Supercharged Category and the All Stars Category. 

  • Breakout Rule:  In the Final, the first car to the stripe wins subject to the   “breakout.”  Quicker than the Group Mimimum7.00 (4.40 eighth mile) is a breakout. If both Finalists break out, the competitor closest to the index wins.  The Announcer will not announce a breakout to the fans.



  • Category Range This Category is only for cars racing between 6.00 and 7.00 (quarter mile) 3.70 and 4.40 (eighth mile).  All safe chassis types (dragster, funny car, altered, Top Sportsman, etc.) are encouraged to compete.

  • The Index is 6.50 seconds (quarter mile) or 4.00 (eighth mile).

  • The two finalists will be the racers closest to the index (over or under).  All racers run all three rounds.  The third round is the Final for those closest to the index.  Finalists earn bonus points per the schedule below.

  • Top Supercharged and Rampage competitors race together except for Finalists.

  • Breakout rule In the final, First to the stripe wins unless quicker than 6.40  (quarter mile) 3.90 (eighth mile).  [Note the “cushion” one tenth below the index in the final].  Double breakout, closest to index wins.   The Announcer will not announce a breakout to the fans.                              



  • Category Range  This Category is for funny cars racing between 6.00 and 7.00  (quarter mile) and 3.70 and 4.40 (eighth mile).

  • Top Supercharged and Rampage competitors race together except for Finalists.

  • The two quickest funny cars will be invited to race in the Competition Products Funny Car Rampage Final.  No index.  Funny cars run all three rounds.

  • Breakout Rule In the final, first to the stripe wins subject to the Category minimum, that is, quicker than 6.00 (3.70 eighth) is a “breakout.” Double breakout, closest to 6.00  (3.70 eighth) wins.

  • Bonus points and payouts are awarded to the finalists.





  • Red light start, hitting the wall, or crossing the center line will result in the disqualification of that run.

  • Any run quicker than that permitted by the chassis certification or the driver's license limitations will be disqualified.

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct issues should be resolved by the parties themselves.  Should they be unable or unwilling to do so, an alternative remedy may be imposed.  If the conduct is deemed sufficiently serious by the Founding Director, particularly if initiated by a racer against an Official, a disqualification may be imposed.


Points are awarded in all rounds of competition.  Bonus points and payouts are awarded in the designated final.  Points are awarded by category and may not be transferred from one to another.  Racers are advised, when seeking the  Championship in any category to race in that category throughout the season.



  • Special note: In the rare case that either or both of the competitors in the Competition Products Funny Car Rampage are also qualified for the Top Supercharged Thunder Final; the Rampage competitors' results will be recorded for both series. Then, the Top Supercharged Thunder semi-finalists will move to that final and awarded points according to their final round performance. 

  • The Competition Director may continue to ask racers to move “up” as needed to fill the final rounds.  Any racer may decline to move up without penalty.



Participation to each Member in attendance – 40 points
Pre Race Display to each Member in attendance – 50 points
Best reaction time for the event – 50 points.  Any perfect reaction time (0.00) – 50 points.
Good Vibrations Motorsports Top Speed of the Meet – 70 points.


AMP Graphics Invitational events
Round Win – 60 points           Round loss – 50 points


All Categories events (The Big Show)

Winner (Final) – 125 points   Runner up (Final) – 100 points
Round Win – 70 points           Round loss – 60 points




The Rocky Mountain Superchargers provide special awards to competitors. The awards are from the Superchargers and from our sponsors and marketing partners. 


  • GRP Supercharger Points Champion  This award goes to the competitor scoring the highest number of season points is awarded a set (8) of GRP connecting rods.

  • Best Engineered Car  / Best Appearing Car  at selected events.  The winner will be chosen by the Chief Technical Advisor.

  • Best Appearing Crew  The Rocky Mountain Superchargers is a competitive series. From the point of view of host tracks and fans, it is a great show. It is “the show” that causes host tracks to ask us to return. Teams are encouraged to use uniform appearance and color schemes to enhance the show for the fans. The Superchargers will award those teams that do so. 

  • Best Pit Display  From time to time this award will be made in appropriate circumstances.

  • Sparkplug and Supercharger of the Year are awards given for special contributions or innovations.